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The Norwegian Country of Origin Information Centre, Landinfo, is an independent body within the Norwegian Immigration Authorities. This means that research and analyses generated by the Centre cannot be instructed by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration or by the Immigration Appeals Board. Administratively, however, Landinfo sorts under the Directorate. The Centre was established on January 1st 2005.

Landinfo is responsible for collecting, analysing and presenting objective and updated country of origin information to various actors within the Immigration Authorities. We also provide information to the Norwegian Ministry of Justice. Our core users, the decision makers within the Directorate and the Appeals Board, use the information when making decisions in residency and asylum cases.

Landinfo does not participate in the actual decision making process, and we do not express any opinion on whether it is safe for an individual person to return to a specific country or area. Nor do we give advice on what should be the outcome of a case, or interfere in how the information we provide is interpreted against applicable legislation.