Products and services


Landinfo collects information about the human rights situation, as well as issues related to security and socio-economic conditions in immigrants and asylum seekers’ countries of origin. We carefully select and evaluate information from a wide range of sources.

The Centre offers the following products and services to our users in the Immigration Authorities:


Reports: Landinfo produces country reports or thematic papers on a wide range of topics of varying complexity. Many of our reports draw on findings and interviews conducted on fact-finding missions, as well as on information available from other written and oral sources.

Responses to information requests: Responses are brief and concise written accounts which answer single questions on limited topics/themes. The responses are written in reply to individual queries that Landinfo receives from the Directorate or the Appeals Board.

Basic, intermediary and senior level training on individual countries or regions: The Centre offers regular training sessions to both new and experienced staff within the Directorate and Appeals Board.

In-depth seminars and lectures on particular topics: We provide tailored seminars or briefings on issues of particular relevance, both for the Immigration Authorities and the Ministry of Justice.

Fact-finding mission briefing sessions: Findings from fact-finding missions are communicated through seminars or presentations for small or large groups, also attended by officials from the Ministry of Justice.

Individual consultations with case workers and others within the immigration authorities: Country analysts give individual consultations on specific matters relating to relevant countries of origin or topics.

Participation in Appeals Board hearings: Landinfo’s country analysts appear and present country of origin information in Appeals Board hearings.

Participation in national court proceedings: Country analysts appear as expert witnesses in the Norwegian Courts of Justice.

Lectures and seminars by external experts: The Centre regularly invites relevant national and international experts to hold seminars and workshops for our users.

Distribution of information through our in-house database: The Country of Origin Database, Landdatabasen, is developed and administered by Landinfo for users within the Directorate and Appeals Board. The database is tailored to meet the specific needs of the Immigration Authorities, and includes publications from a wide range of sources, news clips and other relevant background information on countries and regions. Landinfo publications are included in the database. Access to the database is restricted.


Landinfo’s written products are publicly available on these webpages. The website contains both recent and past publications, and any update is clearly marked with its publication date.

Reports can be found under the heading Publikasjoner. Selected reports are available in English.