Collecting information



Landinfo collects information from and consults a wide range of sources in our work. Amongst these are UN organizations, multilateral organizations like the OSCE and the EU, other countries’ immigration authorities, research institutions, nongovernmental organizations, news services, and Norwegian embassies.

A significant part of the material presented by Landinfo is accessed through publicly available sources. The country of origin information which Landinfo collects through fact-finding missions constitutes an equally important tier in our work. Through fact-finding missions, our country analysts establish direct contact with primary and secondary sources in the relevant countries of origin.

Fact-finding missions

Landinfo’s country analysts conduct regular fact-finding missions to relevant countries and regions. The main objective of these missions is to collect specific information not easily accessed or unavailable otherwise. In cases of conflicting statements from crucial sources, fact-finding missions are conducted to verify information.

The fact-finding missions allow us to develop our network of sources and to maintain contact with individuals or organizations that operate in the relevant countries.

A wide range of sources is consulted during the missions. Whenever possible, topics are discussed with both local and international nongovernmental organisations, state officials and representatives of the UN and other multilateral organisations operating in the area.

International cooperation

Landinfo takes part in several international partnerships and councils, from EASO to Intergovernmental Consultations (IGC). The Centre actively exchanges information with other country of origin information units in European countries, Canada and the United States, and have particularly close cooperation with the Nordic country of origin units.